The veranda - A detailed photo record of building a Japanese teahouse in the UK

Build a Japanese teahouse
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The veranda
The veranda floor is next on the agenda.
2 4"x2" batons are screwed to the floor joists
Lengths of 6" x 1" oak are then cut to length
Before too long it's finished!Before too long it's finished!
One of the handrail uprights showing the lap joint to the floor joist
The hand rail support in place
The joint connecting the hand rail to the upright
The hand rail after planing and chamfering with a router
Gluing the handrail and upright into place
My original idea for the step into the teahouse
Planning the step into the teahouse
The various bits now fitted together after moving the stones forward

I plan to finish the veranda today with luck.
The handrail and step now complete.
Showing both side of the porch
Nailing beading around the edge of the panels on the veranda
After painting the veranda panels
Nearly there - on the outside!
Pegging the joints using 1/2" oak pegs from Coyle Timber
Pegging the joints
Pegging the joints - more for show than strength!
These match similar ones on the house and on the wisteria pergola
The first granite step just placed roughly
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