Doors - A detailed photo record of building a Japanese teahouse in the UK

Build a Japanese teahouse
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Making the teahouse doors
The day was spent building the the two entrance doors out of oak. The first job was to plane the green oak oak to size - or should I say, air-dried oak as all the 4" by 2"  green oak was by now dry after standing in the garden for three months.
Sawing the tenons of the cross members
Tenons finished!
Drilling the mortices, followed by chiselling
The two doors fitted together for the first time
- only took a morning to make
The routered slot for the base panel made from oak-faced ply
Gluing the doors
Glued and cramped over night
Planing the shoji frames - I'll need quite a few.
I've decided to make them 8mm thick
Today I'll concentrate on making the door shoji frames.
Cutting to fit the opening  - all I need now is hinges
Routering the rebate to fit the toughened glass
Routing out the shoji frames in the doors
Gluing the Shoji frames
Looking nice resting in situ
The door hinged and the draft strip nailed to the frame
The brass hinges
After a lot of planing and hacking, both doors are now hanging
Showing the wood draft excluder fillets
The door open fully back to touch the front walls
Lock and handles fitted
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