Clone #5 - Washington - A detailed photo record of building a Japanese teahouse in the UK

Build a Japanese teahouse
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Another build in Washington state, USA
This is a another terrific build in Washington State, USA in 2012 by David Sugarman.

I was inspired to try my own version because your plan was so detailed and complete. The local University professor who apprenticed as a carpenter in Japan said I wouldn't have a teahouse, but I could have an Asian Inspired Structure, so I have built my A.I.S.  It has only taken me about 5 years.

My variations were to use Western Red Cedar harvested and milled by a portable saw mill on my 2 acre property in Olympia, Washington. The AIS sits on a small rise 75 feet from my house and has a small koi pond connected to the waterfall that flows from beneath the AIS.

The large granite glacial deposited stepping stones were collected from the property also. I have not taken a picture with the completed doors which are hung on a former closet door assembly that allows them to slide instead of being hinged.

The window glazing is sheet acrylic which turned out to be the most costly element.  The floor is 5/4 cedar decking salvaged from a remodel project.
I also created a roof structure that I felt was more Asian looking than your hip roofs. It was created and dry fit on top of saw horses, labelled, disassembled and re-assembled atop the wall framing.
I also hand split all of the 22 inch cedar shakes for the roof.  The gutters were made on my table saw from 9 foot sections of 4x4 cedar .
Well done David!
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