Inside the teahouse - A detailed photo record of building a Japanese teahouse in the UK

Build a Japanese teahouse
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Inside the teahouse
I'm starting to think about the inside of the teahouse now and have ordered the several sheets of quarter-cut 6mm oak faced plywood for the inside walls.

Starting to line the inside walls today with the oak faced plywood that I picked up this morning.
Cutting and fitting the panels to size.
The light switches ready to connect
The 13-amp mains socket fed by an external armoured cable laid
before I started building the Japanese garden!
The front panels nailed in place
Back right-hand corner (this is where the alcove will go)
Back left-hand corner
All the panels have been finished with 1/4" quadrant-  all that needs
to be done now is to sand and wax the oak.
Where the alcove will be fitted.

I need to build a small fold-away table that I can use for reading or for the computer if need be - only took a couple of days to build and is very simple.
The fold-away worktop in oak
The fold-away worktop in its upright position with the gate leg.
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